Helping to save our planet!


We here at Benmet believe in saving our planet for future generations to come, we are proud to be a part of the recycling movement for over 50 years. Recycling has made a positive environmental impact for more than 150 years. Currently about 45% of the world's annual 1.3 billion tons of production steel comes from scrap. In Canada, the steel industry collectively processes nearly 16 million tons of scrap annually. Benmet is continually working to improve and contribute positively to the environment through its business practices.

It is less expensive to recycle steel than it is to mine iron ore and refine it to form new steel. Steel does not lose any of its properties during the recycling process, which significantly reduces energy and material requirements; as compared to the refining process.

The energy saved by recycling reduces annual energy consumption by about 76%, which is enough to power eighteen million homes for one year.

Recycling one ton of steel saves 1100 kilograms of iron ore, 630kg of coal and 55kg of limestone.

Steel manufactured from scrap is chemically and metallurgicaly equivalent to steel made from virgin iron ore.

Almost half of the steel manufactured today contains scrap. All steel products can be recycled repeatedly without any loss of quality.

Environmental Benefits of Recycling

% Energy Savings
% Reduction in Air Pollution
% Less Virgin Material Use
% Reduction in Water Pollution
% Reduction in Mining Waste
% Less Consumer Generated Waste